Update to a supported browser for AT&T email

Find out which browsers work best with AT&T email and how to update to a supported browser.

Supported browsers

You can use your AT&T email with the 2 most recent versions of Mozilla® Firefox®, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome™, and Safari®. If you’re using a different or older browser, you can use these links to download a supported browser:

Unsupported browsers

To deliver the best and safest mail experience, AT&T email only supports Web browsers that stay current with the newest security updates and advances. As a result, we no longer support these browsers for AT&T email accounts:
  • Safari 5 and earlier
  • Internet Explorer (any version)

Don't worry. You can still access, view, and send your email using one of the supported browsers or with the basic mail version of AT&T email.

Basic mail version of AT&T email

Can’t upgrade your browser? We'll redirect you to the basic mail experience when you sign in. With basic mail, you can still access, view, and send email. You just won’t have access to many of the full version’s advanced features and tools.

Keep in mind that you can always switch back to the full email version by upgrading or switching your browser. From a supported browser, simply sign in to basic mail and select Switch to the newest AT&T Yahoo Mail from the upper-right corner.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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