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Keep a copy of your email messages on the server

Learn how to change the settings in your email client so that your AT&T email messages remain on the server.


Change your email client settings

Do you get your AT&T email through an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail? When you choose to have your AT&T email delivered to you via an email client, your email messages are normally deleted from the server and placed in your AT&T email Trash folder. The deleted messages are kept only temporarily. If you wish, you can change the settings in your email client so that you can keep messages on the server indefinitely (in your AT&T email Inbox), instead of having them moved to the Trash.

To set up this feature, go to the Tools or Edit menu in your email client and look for Accounts, Options, or Preferences. You may also search the Help section in your email client for help with POP mail. You should look for a check box/feature like this:
  • Leave a copy of messages on server
  • Leave a copy of each message on the server
  • Leave messages on server
  • Leave messages on server after retrieval
  • Delete from server after...
  • When deleting messages locally...

Remember, the goal here is to make sure your email messages stay on the server. That way they stay in your AT&T email Inbox rather than going to the Trash folder.

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