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Understand the myAT&T data usage widget

The myAT&T data usage widget allows you to see how much data you’ve used without opening the app.


Learn more about the data usage widget

The myAT&T widget provides quick details for wireless or internet data usage.
  • Works with themyAT&T app1 when you have your ID and password saved on your device.
  • Available for eligible wireless or internet data plans.
  • Use the myAT&T app1 settings to select a plan if you have more than one. 

Reasons why the widget may be unavailable

No eligible data plan to show
You may not have an eligible data plan with AT&T, such as AT&T PREPAID.

Your wireless account passcode is required after you sign in
When your wireless account has extra security enabled, the widget won’t show your usage data.

How to view usage without the widget

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