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Set up or update AT&T email - Microsoft Outlook 2010

Learn how to set up your AT&T email, update your email settings, or add your secure mail key for Microsoft Outlook 2010.

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Outlook 2010



Secure mail keys, email program setup, or updates

Get a secure mail key

A security upgrade is coming to AT&T email. If you use Outlook for email, you’ll have to update your email settings. Learn more about the security upgrade.

Be sure to create a secure mail key to set up your AT&T email in Outlook 2010.

Set up Outlook 2010 for AT&T email

Use these steps to set up your email for the first time or on a new computer.
  1. In Outlook, select File > Add Account.
  2. Select New.
  3. Choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types, then select Next.
  4. Select Internet E-mail, then select Next.
  5. Complete your User Information:
    • Enter your name as you want it to display to others. 
    • Enter your full AT&T email address.
  6. Complete the Server Information:
    • Account Type - Select IMAP or POP3.
    • Incoming mail server - Enter (IMAP) or (POP3).
    • Outgoing mail server - Enter (IMAP) or (POP3).
  7. Complete the Logon Information:
    • User Name - Enter your full email address.
    • Password - Enter or paste your secure mail key.
    • Check Remember password and Require logon using Secure Password Authentication.
  8. Select More Settings
  9. Complete Outgoing Server info:
    • Check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
    • Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
  10. Complete Advanced info:
    • Incoming server - Enter 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP3).
    • Use the following type of encrypted connection - Choose SSL.
    • Outgoing server - 465 (IMAP and POP3).
    • Use the following type of encrypted connection- Choose SSL.
  11. Select OK and then Next. Outlook will test your account info. If everything passes, select Finish.

Verify or update settings for AT&T email

If you already have your email set up, but you just need to update your email account with your secure mail key, we’ve got you covered.
  1. Select File > Account Settings.
  2. Select your AT&T email account and then select Change
  3. Confirm or enter the following IMAP or POP settings:
    • Incoming mail server: (IMAP) or (POP3) 
    • Outgoing mail server: (IMAP) or (POP3)
  4. Check your User Name (full AT&T email address).
  5. In the password field, enter your secure mail key and select the Remember password checkbox. 
  6. Select Next. Outlook will test your account settings. 
  7. Select Close, then Finish.

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