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Install AT&T AntiVirus Plus

Download and install AT&T AntiVirus Plus powered by McAfee to protect your computer from malware, trojans, and hackers.


Get AT&T AntiVirus Plus

Some important points to know before downloading AntiVirus Plus:
  • AT&T Internet or DSL customers with a connection speed of 3Mbps or higher can download AT&T AntiVirus Plus free of charge.
  • DSL customers with a connection speed of 1.5Mbps or lower can sign up for a discounted subscription of $5 per month.
  • Uninstall existing security software, including current or expired security products. If you don't, you may receive "subscription expired" error messages later.
  • Install on up to four computers, either Windows, Mac®, or both. If using a Windows computer, we suggest doing a pre-installation cleanup.
Note: The download process will let you know if you have AT&T Internet or DSL and prompt you with the appropriate options for your service.

Install AT&T AntiVirus Plus

Installation is easy. You can use these steps to download:
  1. Go to AT&T AntiVirus Plus and select Download Now.
  2. Enter your user ID and password.
  3. If you have internet speeds of:
    • 3Mbps or higher, go to Step 4.
    • 1.5Mbps or lower, select Buy Subscription. You can purchase a subscription for $5 per month.
  4. Follow the prompts to download and install AntiVirus Plus.
Mac users: If you downloaded AntiVirus Plus for Windows before December 2013, you'll have to cancel your subscription and uninstall from your computer before continuing.

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