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Update your AT&T email password on your smartphone

If you’ve changed your email password online, make sure that you’ve updated it on your smartphone as well.


Update your password on your smartphone

Let’s get started

Have you recently reset or changed your email password on your desktop computer or tablet? If you access the same AT&T email account on all your devices, you will need to update the email password on your smartphone as well.

Decide which scenario best describes you:
  • You access the same email account (such as on your PC/tablet and on your smartphone. You will need to update your email password.
  • You access on your PC/tablet but on your smartphone. You do not need to update your email password on your phone.
Now, visit the Device How-To Center and select your device.
  1. Under Device instructions, select Messaging & email, and then select Email.
  2. Select Email options to view steps to access the email account settings.
  3. Once in the email settings on your device, select your AT&T mail account.
  4. Update your password.
  5. Save your password change.

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