Review security options for AT&T accounts

Learn about the account settings you can change to guard against unauthorized access to your account online, in the store, or by phone.

Review security options for account access

You may need to change or verify settings for:
  • Account access (passwords, passcodes, ID, security questions, and contact info)
  • Other users on your accounts

Account access

Password for signing in
Change your password right away if you think someone has been accessing your account. Continue to change your password regularly. Learn how to change your sign-in password.

Heads up: If you have more than one ID, be sure to change the password for each one. Use a unique password for each ID.

Account security passcode
There are 2 types of security passcodes:
  • A wireless account security passcode is used for wireless accounts that are not combined with an AT&T Internet, U-verse® TV, DIRECTV STREAM, and/or DIRECTV account. Learn how to change your wireless passcode
  • A 4-digit account security passcode is available for U-verse TV, AT&T Internet, DIRECTV STREAM, and DIRECTV accounts as well as combined accounts that include wireless service. Learn how to change this passcode

Extra security (wireless only)
When you turn on extra security, your wireless security passcode will be required every time you sign in. Learn how to enable extra security

Good to know: Extra security is available for wireless accounts that aren't combined with an AT&T Internet, U-verse TV, DIRECTV STREAM, and/or DIRECTV account.

User ID for myAT&T
Consider changing your user ID if it’s something easy to guess, such as your email address. Learn how to change your user ID

Tip: If you have more than one ID, consider changing each ID.

Security questions and answers
Your security questions can be used to reset your password. Learn how to update your security questions and answers

Good to know: If you have more than one ID, you’ll have security questions for each ID.

Contact email address and phone numbers

Other users on your accounts

Secondary online users
Anyone on your account with secondary online access can sign in with their own ID and password to manage your account. Learn how to find out if your account has secondary access users, and remove them if needed.

Heads up: If you have more than one account, be sure to verify secondary users on each account.

Authorized users (wireless only)
Anyone listed as a Retail Authorized User may be able to manage your wireless account in an AT&T store. Learn how to see if your account has Retail Authorized Users, and remove them if needed.
Last updated: June 15, 2023

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