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Check your internet data usage

It’s easy to check your internet data use. Learn how to see your current use and estimate how much you'll use in the future.




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How much data do I get?

How do I check my data usage for this bill period?

How do I know if I’ve gone over, or am about to go over my limit?


Data usage notifications

With data usage notifications, we’ll let you know when you’re over your data limit and will be charged for overage:
  • First bill period over your monthly data limit: You’ll get a notice, but we won’t charge you
  • Second bill period over data limit: You’ll get notices when you use 65%, 90%, and then 100% of your limit, but we won’t charge you
  • Third bill period over data limit: You’ll again get notices when you use 65%, 90%, and then 100% of your limit
Once you go over, we’ll add more data in 50GB increments, at a cost of $10 per 50GB. The most we’ll charge for overages in a bill period is $100 for AT&T Internet or $200 for DSL and Fixed Wireless Internet.

We’ll send data usage notices to the primary email address you provided when you signed up for service. If we don’t have your email address or can’t reach you by email, we’ll send you a letter using U.S. mail.

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