Learn how to forward calls

Forward your home phone calls to a different number with Call Forwarding from AT&T.

Forward calls from your home phone

  1. Dial *72 or 72# and listen for dial tone.
  2. Enter the number where you want to get your forwarded calls.
    • Long distance numbers: Enter 1 plus the10-digit phone number. For example, 1+ 3-digit area code + 7-digit phone number.
    • Numbers that are not long distance but require an area code: Enter the 7-digit phone number. For example, 3-digit area code + 7-digit phone number.
    • Local calls not requiring an area code: Enter only the 7-digit phone number.
  3. Wait to hear the confirmation tone. After the confirmation tone, the system will call the number to which calls will be forwarded. If the forward-to party answers the call, the feature is activated.
Good to know: If the forward-to line is busy or there's no answer, the feature won’t activate. Try activating Call Forwarding again by repeating the steps. You’ll hear an error message if the forward-to number isn’t valid.

Turn Call Forwarding on and off

Note: This article applies to AT&T local home phone service. Don't have traditional phone service? Select Phone service or wireless service.

Call Forwarding options

FeatureDescriptionTurn onTurn off
Call ForwardingForwards your incoming calls to another number.Dial *72 or 72#, enter a forwarding number, and wait for the call to answerDial *73 or 73#
Call Forwarding - Busy LineForwards incoming calls to another number when your number is busy.Call 800.288.2020 for agent helpCall 800.288.2020 for agent help
Call Forwarding - Don't AnswerForwards your missed calls to another phone number if you don't pick up after a set number of rings.Call 800.288.2020 for agent helpCall 800.288.2020 for agent help
Call Forwarding – SelectiveAllows you to automatically forward up to 6 telephone numbers to another number.Dial *63, then press 3 Dial *63, then press 3

Additional options

OptionHow to
Review your list of phone numbersDial *63, then press 1 (Press 07 after any numbers you wish to remove from the list)
Add a phone number to your listDial *63, press #, enter the number you wish to add, then press # 
Add the phone number of the last incoming call to your listDial *63, then press # 01 #
Remove a phone number from your listDial *63, press * and enter the number you wish to remove, then press *
Remove all non-private numbers from your list Dial *63, then press 08
Remove all private numbers from your listDial *63, then press 09
Repeat menu optionsPress 0 any time you wish to hear the system options again.

Change the number of rings
It’s easy to change the number of rings before calls are forwarded.
  1. Enter *47 when you hear the dial tone.
  2. Enter the code from this table when you hear the second dial tone. For example, enter 30 to forward calls after 5 rings.

Ring control codes

Number of rings

Helpful info
  • You can make outgoing calls from your home phone while calls are being forwarded.
  • When Call Forwarding is turned on, you may hear a brief ring when someone calls you, but you will not be able to answer calls on that line until Call Forwarding is turned off.
  • If you have voicemail set up, incoming calls that would normally go to voicemail will go to the forward-to number. If the forward-to number has voicemail and no one answers the forwarded call, your call will go to the voicemail of the forward-to number.
  • If you forward a call, additional local and long-distance charges may apply.

If you need more help, go to att.com/repair to submit a trouble ticket or call us at 800.288.2020.

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Last updated: December 7, 2022

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