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Get your account balance and due date

It's easy to find your balance and payment due date.


Get balance info at myAT&T

Go to My bill and look in the Make a payment section for your balance and due date. Want details for another account? Select that account from the dropdown menu.

Posting and payment info

  • You can see bill details online 8 to 10 days after your bill period ends. If you don’t see a balance, check back soon. 
  • Your bill is usually due around the same time each month. We may charge a late payment fee* if you don't pay your full balance by the due date. 
  • If you want to change a payment or schedule one for a different date, find out how to make a payment arrangement.
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Get text updates for your wireless account

Get a free text message with your account balance, due date, and more.
  • English - Call *BAL# (*225#). 
  • Spanish - Call *SAL# (*725#). 
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Call us for bill info

Contact us to get your balance and due date by phone.
  • Wireless - Call 800.331.0500 (or 611 from an AT&T wireless phone). 
  • All other services - Call 800.288.2020

*Can I get my late fees or data overage charges waived if I am impacted by COVID-19?
We know that many people are experiencing economic hardships as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
AT&T is keeping you connected 24/7. As part of this effort, we’ll waive:
  • late payment fees for wireless, home phone or broadband residential customers
  • domestic wireless plan overage charges for data, voice or text for residential wireless customers
The waiver applies to these fees or charges you may incur between March 13, 2020, and May 13, 2020, due to economic hardship related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Have your user ID and password ready and click here to submit a waiver request.

Please allow one to two billing cycles to see your credit, if applicable.
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