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Battery backup installation

Get help installing a battery backup.


Install a replacement battery

Learn to install a battery backup power source

If the set up in your home is similar to the image below, first connect a battery backup to your Wi-Fi gateway and Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

Next, connect your phones to your battery backup. Choose one of the following:

Connect your cordless phone base station to your battery backup (PDF, 455KB)
Connect your wired phone to your battery backup (PDF, 563KB)

Setup tips
Remember to unplug your Wi-Fi gateway prior to installing a battery backup. It should take approximately ten minutes to successfully connect your battery backup. 

During installation of battery backup equipment, will my services be interrupted?
Yes. Any AT&T Internet, Phone or U-verse TV services you subscribe to will be interrupted for several minutes during the installation process. This includes watching and recording TV shows. We recommend that you unplug your U-verse Wi-Fi Gateway from the electrical wall outlet during battery backup installation.

Can I have a technician install my battery backup equipment?
Yes. There are two ways to have a technician install your battery backup:
  1. If a technician comes to your home to install new services and you have a new, compatible battery backup unit available, a technician can install the battery backup at no charge to you.
  2. If you already have U-verse services but would like a technician to install a new, compatible battery backup you have purchased, a technician can install your equipment for a charge. Costs vary for installation. For more information, please visit the ConnecTech website or call 866.294.3464. For Wireline Telephone Voice, please contact 800.264.0002.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, refer to the Chat Live button at the lower-right corner of this page. You may also visit our Community Forums to join the conversation with other customers.
Note:  Review the digital phone service terms of service or landline residential service agreement for battery backup information and terms and conditions regarding your services.

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