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Home Phone bill higher than expected

Check out the most common reasons your home phone bill might be higher than you expected.


Monthly service charges

Let us show you on an interactive sample bill where to locate Monthly Service charges. From there you can take a look at your bill to see the specific charges that apply to you.Learn more



Examples of common charges

Explanation of common bill charges

Partial-Month Charges
  • Partial-month charges occur if services are added or removed during a billing cycle prior to the bill date.
  • Services billed in advance are charged for partial month when added or removed during a billing cycle prior to the bill date. The actual amount charged for partial month is determined by the number of days the services were used for that billing cycle.

Billed in Advance
Many recurring charges are billed one month in advance, such as charges for Custom Calling Features, Calling Plans, Local Calling Services, and Emergency 911.

Billed in Arrears
Some charges, including actual usage charges, are billed in arrears (after the fact). Examples of these charges include local usage, long distance, and pay per use.

Promotional Credits
Promotional credits may have expired on your most recent bill. Visit AT&T Bundles for a list of current promotions.

It may take 1-2 billing cycles for some discounts to appear on your bill. Please pay the full amount due on your bill by the due date, to avoid billing issues in the future.

International Calls
Maybe it would benefit you to have a call plan for International calls.

Unexpected Calls
  • Information, operator assisted or entertainment calls were made from your phone that you were not aware of.
  • Collect calls were accepted that you were not aware of.

Taxes may apply to charges for products and services included in your bill. Specific taxes vary by state and locality.

Surcharges and Other Fees
These are charges authorized by law and may include state-specific surcharges or regulatory fees. Examples include the Federal Subscriber Line Charge and the Federal Universal Service Fee.

These examples don’t apply to you

If none of these scenarios apply to you, take a look at how to Question charges on your bill.

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