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Get info about your final DSL and home phone bill

Find out what’s included on your final bill. Also, you’ll get a final bill the next bill period after you disconnect your service.


What your final bill includes

  • Your total amount due, including any past due amounts and current charges. You’ll also see services, fees, and taxes billed in advance and any applicable credits.
  • The date your final payment is due.
  • The date we’ll disconnect your service and the disconnection order number.

What to expect when your service ends

  • We’ll remove all local services, promotions, and affiliate services.
  • We bill local services in advance, but you’ll see credits for any unused days on your final bill .
  • We bill other services, like AT&T Internet and DIRECTV, after the service is provided. You’ll see these charges on your final bill. Or, you may get a separate bill for them.
  • Once we disconnect your service, you won’t be able to pay your final bill online or with the app.
  • Want to make a special arrangement? Contact us
  • Have a credit on your account after your final bill? You’ll get a refund check in the mail within 3 to 6 weeks.
Last updated: April 2, 2019

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