Replace your battery backup

Find out how to maintain or replace a battery in your current unit. Plus, learn how to store, test, or dispose of your battery.

Replacement battery info

Find out when to replace a battery

Many battery backup units provide audible or visual alerts when the battery backup power is running low. This alert may be an intermittent beeping or other sound coming from the unit. Some units have a display light that may change color.

Good to know:
Older battery backup units don’t last a full day. Want 24-hour coverage if your power goes out? Find out what equipment you’ll need and how to buy it.
  • Have a D-cell battery backup unit? Once your 12 D-cell batteries have been used, replace with 12 fresh D-cell alkaline batteries. For extended outages, make sure to have extra D-cell alkaline batteries on hand.
  • For specific info about your battery backup unit, see the owner's manual. Or, check the manufacturer's website or call them directly.

Get battery backup manufacturer info

Looking for the battery manufacturer’s name? You can usually find it on the bottom or side of the battery unit. Use this chart to contact them or get more info.

Battery manufacturers
ManufacturerContact info
APCGo to APC or call 800.300.7141.
Arris, Motorola, or PaceGo to Arris or call 877.466.8646.
BelkinGo to Belkin or call 866.539.5791.
GS Battery (USA) Inc.Go to GS battery or call 800.472.2879.

Buy a replacement battery

Getting a battery from a manufacturer? If so, check with them for warranty or compatible replacement info. Keep in mind - you may not be able to buy replacements for older equipment.

Or, are you using D-cell batteries? If so, buy replacement alkaline batteries from your retailer of choice.

Good to know:
  • Using more than 1 piece of AT&T equipment for voice service in your house, like a Wi-Fi® gateway and/or optical network terminal (ONT) device? If so, be sure to get a battery backup for each one.
  • When replacing a battery backup, check your manufacturer’s user guide. Make sure you set it up correctly to reduce the risk of fire or explosion.

Dispose of the battery

The backup batteries and equipment are yours, so you don’t have to return them to us. Check the manufacturer's site or call them directly to learn how to properly dispose your used battery.

Battery maintenance

Store the battery

Make sure to store batteries at room temperature with controlled humidity levels. Also, always keep your battery backup easily nearby. Check the manufacturer's site or call them for more storage info.

Test the battery

Regularly monitor and test your battery backup to make sure it’s charged. Check the status light if your battery has one. A green light usually means that the unit is okay, and a red light means it’s time to replace the batter. Check the manufacturer's site or call them for more info about how to test your battery.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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