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Learn more about California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) topics plus helpful phone and billing info.


AT&T Bulletin

What’s available February 2021

TopicsGet the bulletin in:
Info on:
  • Basic services
  • Calling services
  • Discount services
  • Billing service
  • Other services
Chinese (PDF, 824KB) 中文
English (PDF, 249KB)
Japanese (PDF, 878KB) 日本語
Korean (PDF, 1.2MB) 한글
Polski (PDF, 816KB)
Russian (PDF, 846KB) Pусский
Español (PDF, 180KB)
Tagalog (PDF, 753KB)
Vietnamese (PDF, 789KB) Tiếng Việt

Fall, October 2020

TopicsGet the bulletin in:
  • Rules for monitoring calls
  • Protect privacy with 800, 888, and 900 numbers
  • Directory assistance exemptions for qualified customers
  • Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program
  • Accessible equipment contact info
  • AT&T Disaster Related Assistance
Chinese (PDF, 217KB) 中文
English (PDF, 387KB)
Japanese (PDF, 221KB) 日本語
Korean (PDF, 169KB) 한글
Polski (PDF, 261KB)
Russian (PDF, 210KB) Pусский
Español (PDF, 176KB)
Tagalog (PDF, 408KB)
Vietnamese (PDF, 4084KB) Tiếng Việt

Spring, April 2020

TopicsGet the bulletin in:
  • Protecting against fraud
  • Third-party billing
  • Preparing for emergencies
  • Inside wire jobs
  • Consumer telemarketing information resources
Chinese (PDF, 450KB) 中文
English (PDF, 275KB)
Japanese (PDF, 466KB)日本語
Korean (PDF, 396KB) 한글
Polski (PDF, 447KB)
Russian (PDF, 500KB) Pусский
Español (PDF, 175KB)
Tagalog (PDF, 390KB)
Vietnamese (PDF, 393KB) Tiếng Việt