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Move a wireless line to your other account

You can easily move a wireless number to one of your other accounts.


Learn how to move a wireless number to your other account

  1. Go to Transfer of Billing Responsibility. If prompted for a security passcode and you forgot it, learn how to reset your security passcode.
  2. Select Move a line between my accounts.
  3. Select the number(s) and account destination, and select Continue.
  4. If you move the number(s) to an existing account, you need to choose an account.
  5. Confirm or update the device information and select Accept device.
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the move.
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Important wireless account details

  • If the number being moved is on a plan with Rollover Data®, the Rollover Data stays with the original account.
  • If the number being moved is on a plan with Rollover Minutes®, the minutes stay with the original account.
  • If only one line remains on your FamilyTalk® plan, the plan automatically changes to a non-FamilyTalk plan.
  • If you create a new account for the number you're moving, you need to choose a new plan. In doing so, you’ll receive two invoices: One for the old account and one for the new account. There may be prorated charges on the monthly service fee and airtime charges.
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Transfer billing responsibility

Learn how to transfer billing responsibility for a wireless number to a new account owner.
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