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Understanding your first wireless bill

Learn about charges you may see on your first wireless bill and find out why it may be higher than you expected.




Figure out each charge

Here’s why your first bill is usually more than average:

Other advance charges
Here are some of the other advance charges you will see:
Note: Any discounts you qualify for will be applied to these charges.

Partial-month service charges

If your service starts in the middle of your bill period, your first bill will show partial-month charges. These are the charges for the days from the start of your service to the beginning of your first full bill period. Learn more about partial-month charges

Bill videos
To help you understand your first and second wireless bills, a personalized video will walk you through charges and fees. We might also send you a video to explain any changes you make to your service or plan. Learn about video bills

Keep tabs on your bill

Your monthly bill period starts on the same date and ends on the same date each month To take charge of your charges, learn how to:

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