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Your first High Speed Internet bill charges

Learn about some of the common charges listed on your first bill.


Explanation of charges on your first bill

Partial monthly charges
Partial charges occur when services are added or removed during a billing cycle, before the next bill date. The actual amount is based on the number of days service was active for that billing cycle.

Monthly charges billed in advance
Many recurring charges are billed one month in advance, such as the monthly plan for data, static IP, and AT&T Security Suite. In addition to partial monthly charges, your first bill will include the monthly fee for your next month’s service.

Single charges for equipment or installation
One-time charges such as additional data usage are billed after the fact, or “in arrears.”  Your first bill may include the cost of equipment, additional DSL features such as AT&T Security Suite or static IP, and installation costs.

Promotional pricing
You’ll find a charge  for the full monthly fee and a credit to offset it based on the promotional pricing. Promotional pricing may not be included on your first bill and can take up to two billing cycles to appear.

Taxes, surcharges, and other fees
Taxes may apply to charges for products and services in your bill. Specific taxes vary by state and locality. These are charges authorized by law and may include state-specific surcharges or regulatory fees. Examples include the Federal Subscriber Line Charge and the Federal Universal Service Fee. Learn more about taxes and fees that may apply to your bill.

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