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Estimate your Early Termination Fee

If you want to cancel wireless service, find out when your service ends and calculate any fees you might owe.


Learn about Early Termination Fees

An Early Termination Fee (ETF) is another way to fulfill a service commitment if you want to cancel your service early. If your service commitment is complete, you won’t owe an ETF.

The ETF amount, if any, depends on the type of device you purchased, and how much of your service commitment is left when you cancel. The ETF amount becomes less each month.

See if you owe an ETF

  1. Go to your account overview.
  2. Scroll to My devices and select Manage device for the device you want to check.
  3. Look in Device info.
    • You will have an ETF if you have one or two-year service agreement and cancel after 14 days for consumer wireless service or 30 days for business wireless service.
    • You won’t have an ETF if you’re on an installment plan or Equipment Installment Plan. You will be responsible for the balance on your installment plan if you cancel.

You won’t owe an EFT if you:
  • Cancel within the first 14 days of activating consumer wireless service or 30 days of activating business wireless service
  • Return the device in like-new conditionless service
To find out if you can return your device, check out the AT&T Wireless Return Policy.1

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Quick answer

How do I estimate an ETF if I cancel my wireless service?

How do I estimate an ETF if I cancel my business wireless service?

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