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Request and accept billing responsibility for wireless service

You can ask the owner of a wireless number to transfer billing responsibility to you.




Learn how to request and accept billing responsibility


Are you the new account owner or a person who will have primary or secondary online account access?

You can accept billing responsibility if you:
  • Are at least 18 years old (exceptions:19 years old in Alabama, 21 years old in Puerto Rico)
  • Are ready to complete a credit evaluation when you accept the transfer
  • Can make an advance payment if it’s required
  • Accept the remaining contract term from the transfer date
  • Review and accept the Wireless Customer Agreement or equipment installment plan, if applicable
  • Select new plans or add-ons if the current ones aren’t right for you

Request and accept an account transfer

Requesting the transfer
If the current owner hasn’t requested the transfer yet and doesn’t have an Unlimited Your WaySM or AT&T 4GBSM plan:
  1. Go to
  2. Select Request a transfer from another person.
  3. Enter the requested info.
  4. Select Submit.
If they do have an Unlimited Your Way or AT&T 4GB plan, they’ll have to go to a store with the person accepting the transfer or call us to make the transfer billing responsibility.

Accepting the transfer
Have an Unlimited Your Way or AT&T 4GB plan? You’ll have to go to a store with the person requesting the transfer or call us to accept billing responsibility. Otherwise, follow the steps to accept the transfer request online.
  1. After the current owner requests the transfer, do one of the following within 14 business days. If you:
    • Received an email with a link, open it and select Accept transfer.
    • Didn’t get an email, go to and select Accept a pending transfer.
  2. Enter the requested info and select Continue. If you're adding the transferred number(s) to an existing account, choose that account.
  3. Confirm or update the device info, and select Confirm device(s).
  4. Choose a plan, review the plan details, and select Continue. If the line:
    • Has a current installment plan, accept this agreement for each line.
    • Has a current accessory installment plan, its remaining balance must be paid.
  5. Review the credit check disclosure, enter the required info, and select Continue.
  6. Do one of the following. If you:
    • Have to make an advance payment, enter your payment info, review the changes, and select Complete transfer.
    • Don’t have to make an advance payment, just review the changes and select Complete transfer.

About your bill

  • Billing responsibility for the original owner’s account transfers to your name, using your credit info.
  • If the current account has a device installment plan balance, it must be paid off or transferred to the new owner.
  • You accept responsibility for the wireless account, monthly bill, and contract.
  • You get the upgrade eligibility on transferred lines.
  • We’ll bill the person receiving the account for the active plan and add-ons.
  • Accrued rollover minutes and rollover data don’t transfer. 

Your first bill may be higher than normal, because it:
  • Shows charges for a full month of service billed in advance
  • Includes a partial month of prorated charges based on the number of days your service is active before the next bill period starts
  • Has activation fees and equipment charges
Last updated: September 25, 2020

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