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Authorized user permission for adding a line

As of November 5, 2016, authorized users in a store and authenticated callers on the phone can add new lines of service to a wireless account.


Learn about this permission

A Retail Authorized User is someone at least 18 years old who can perform certain functions that the wireless account owner can complete at an AT&T store. Retail Authorized Users are not required – adding them is up to you. Learn more about retail authorized users.

An authenticated caller is someone on the phone who can perform most of the same account functions as the wireless account owner. Learn more about authenticated callers.

Both types of users may be asked to provide the wireless security passcode or other information before they can access the wireless account.

This user permission is designed to make it easier for you to do business with AT&T. You may be able to take advantage of some of our great offers without additional trips to the store or calls into Customer Service.

What authorized users can do

Our user permissions chart shows the tasks Retail Authorized Users and authenticated callers can perform for a wireless account.

How to change who can access your account

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