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Find a lost or stolen AT&T PREPAID device

Before suspending AT&T PREPAID service, learn how to find a lost or stolen phone or device.


Locate your phone or device

Some devices include built-in features to assist in locating your device using GPS. 1 You can also pre-activate AT&T and third-party add-ons2 to assist in finding a lost or stolen device.2

To find your device using GPS:1
  1. Sign in to the account associated with your device or application:
  2. Follow the prompts to call the device or find it using GPS.1

If you can’t find or recover your device

You may want to:
  • Lock or wipe your device, if you have AT&T and third-party add-ons2 installed or activated.2
  • Suspend AT&T PREPAIDSM service, and block your device if stolen. This blocks it from use on the AT&T network.
  • Change your passwords for other accounts on your device. This includes Apple ID, Facebook, and email accounts.
  • Report any credit cards on your device as lost.

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