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Start an AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line account

Find out how to get discounts on AT&T PREPAID service when you convert to a Multi-Line account.


About the AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line Discount

Get more data usage details, use the AT&T PREPAIDSM Multi-Line savings calculator, and see monthly plan eligibility.Learn more

Convert to a Multi-Line account

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select Multi-Line Discount.
  3. Choose the account type, Personal or Business.
  4. Select Keep Your Current Plan or Select another plan.
  5. Read the AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line terms.
  6. Select I agree to change your account to Multi-Line. You’re ready to invite others to join your plan.

Change a Multi-Line account back to a single line

First, make sure you change all member lines back to individual accounts. Need help? Find out how to manage your AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line account.
  1. Sign in to
  2. Select Multi-Line Discount.
  3. Under Multi-Line Discount Management, choose Manage Lines.
  4. Select the account owner line by using the arrows in the corner of the box.
  5. Select Return to individual account.
  6. Read the important info and select Submit.

Learn about Multi-Line accounts

All lines must be on a monthly rate plan of $30 or more to be eligible to join a Multi-Line account. Other monthly, daily, and pay-per-use plans aren't eligible.

Based on the number of lines needed, choose between a personal or business account.
  • Personal - Up to 5 lines (1 account owner and 4 member lines)
  • Business - Up to 10 lines (1 account owner and 9 member lines)

Multi-line savings

Good to know: Signed up for AutoPay before April 22, 2017? You won’t get an AutoPay discount on member lines. We recommend discontinuing AutoPay and signing up again to get the discount.

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