User permissions for your DIRECTV account

Learn more about who can access your DIRECTV account online or on the phone with AT&T.

Who can manage accounts

  • Learn more about who can manage your account online. Every primary or secondary access user must have a user ID and password.
  • When calling AT&T, an authenticated caller can make account changes. Callers must be properly authenticated prior to receiving help by phone.

User permission chart

This table shows the user permissions for the main functions on your DIRECTV account.

User permission levels    
TaskPrimary access (online)1
Secondary access (online)1
Authenticated caller 
Make account updates   Ask general account questionsXXX
Enroll in AutoPay XXX
Enroll in Paperless Billing XXX
Control account accessResolve issues with user ID or signing inXXX
Add or remove a person's secondary access X  
Give your primary access to a secondary and change yourself to a secondary user X  
Make plan updates Change your plan XX
Add or remove TV channels/packages XXX
Perform billing tasks      Make payments XXX
Set up recurring payments XXX
Schedule a payment XXX
Get total account balance XXX
Get payment history XXX
View and print reports on usage and trends XX 
Make profile updates    Change billing address XXX
Update contact phone numbers XXX
Add email addresses XXX
Opt in or out of certain automated messaging XXX
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Last updated: December 7, 2022

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