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Accessible support

Learn about our customer support for customers with disabilities and the aging.


Find out about accessible support

AT&T provides features designed to facilitate access by persons with disabilities, including:
  • Text Telephone (TTY) compatibility for AT&T phones
  • Screen-reader compatibility 
  • Accessibility enhancements within the AT&T website

Customers can also contact the AT&T Disability and Aging Center for support. A representative can arrange for you to get your bill in a different format, such as braille or large print, or assist with your AT&T account. They can also determine if you qualify for discounted local directory assistance (411) or discounted TTY local toll calls. The Disability and Aging Center is available Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. Use the following numbers to contact them:
  • Voice calls: 800.772.3140
  • TTY calls: 800.651.5111

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