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Stop pop-up blocker from blocking AT&T personal/IM online chat

You can set your pop-up blocker to allow online chat to open. Follow the instructions below for your pop-up blocker software.


Stop pop-up blocker

Windows XP SP2 Internet Explorer pop-up blocker
  1. In Internet Explorer, select Tools then Internet Options.
  2. Select the Privacy tab.
  3. In the Pop-up Blocker section, select Settings.
  4. In the Address of Web site to allow text field, type and select Add.
  5. Select Close, then OK.

Yahoo! Companion Tool Bar pop-up blocker

Note: You must have had the chat window blocked prior to following these steps.
  1. On the Internet Explorer Yahoo! Companion Tool Bar, select the Pop-up Blocker icon (the yellow rectangle).
  2. Select Always Allow Pop-Ups From...
  3. In the Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-Ups section, find and select the address and select Allow.
  4. Select Close.

AT&T Yahoo! browser pop-up blocker
  1. Select the Settings menu from the AT&T Yahoo! browser.
  2. Go to Pop-Up Blocker, then select Options...
  3. In the Pop-Up Blocker Options box, select Advanced.
  4. In the second box, Allow pop-ups from the following domains:, select Add.
  5. In the text field, enter, and select OK.
  6. Select Close, then OK.

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