Common web error messages

Learn about common web errors and what to so if you see them.

Error message information

Web error messages

400 bad requestServer does not recognize the URL. Double check to see that you have typed it correctly.
401 Unauthorized UserThis usually appears when you do not enter the correct ID or password to access a protected Internet site.
403 Forbidden PagesYou are not being allowed access. If you have registered with a site that requires a password, and still get this message, check to be sure your password was entered correctly.
404 Page Not FoundThe page you are searching for has been deleted, or its name has been changed or modified on the server. Try deleting portions of the URL, starting at the end, and see what comes up.
415 Unsupported Media TypeThe server will not accept the request because the media type is not a supported definition.
500 Internal ErrorThe server was unable to send the html document to you due to an internal (server software) error.
501 Not ImplementedThis error occurs when, for example, you have pressed the submit button on a form. The server replies with this error message because it does not support the feature you have requested. This is not a common error, but typically occurs with new features or forms.
502 Service Temporarily OverloadedToo many people are trying to access the same site you are. You may also get the message network connection refused by the server or too many connections. Try the Reload or Refresh button; if that doesn’t help, try the site again later.
503 Service UnavailableThis page is there but is not accessible at the moment. Try the Reload or Refresh button. If not, try again later.
RetypeIn many cases, the username and password is mistyped. Retype your username and password. Be sure not to confuse lowercase L’s with capital I’s or zero’s with capital O’s. This is most often the reason users receive this error.
Remake Dial-Up Networking (DUN) connectionsIn some cases the dial-up networking connection is damaged and needs to be deleted and recreated with correct settings.
Remake ConnectiodIn some cases the connectoid is damaged and needs to be deleted and remade with correct settings.
Failed DNS LookupThis could mean that you have incorrectly typed the URL, or the server you are trying to reach is down or too busy. Try checking the URL and re-entering or adding a www in front of the address if you didn’t before.
NNTP Server ErrorThis may appear when you are trying to sign on to a USENET newsgroup, and could indicate a number of different problems.  The host server could be down or you may have incorrectly typed the URL.
Helper application not found
- or-
Viewer not found
This usually happens when you download a file, such as RealAudio sound file and your browser does not recognize it because you don’t have the correct application to view it.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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