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Get your account balance and due date

Learn how to get your AT&T account balance and bill due date.


View your account balance and see when your bill is due

Before you begin

  • Your bill is usually due on or about the same time each month.
  • Bills should be paid by the date specified.
  • A late payment charge is applied if there is a balance due from the previous bill.

To check the balance on your account and bill due date online

  1. Go to Billing & Payments.
  2. Look for Total Amount Due By <date>: <amount due>. If you’re enrolled in AutoPay, look for AutoPay Scheduled <date>.

Call us

  1. Dial 800.288.2020.
  2. Follow the prompts to confirm the account about which you are calling.
  3. Follow the voice prompts and say Bill Balance.
  4. For account verification, provide the last 4-digits of the account holder's Social Security number or your 4-digit Personal Identification Number.

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