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Password tips and requirements

Get helpful guidelines for making stronger passwords.


Create a strong password

For most accounts

Heads up: If you have AT&T PREPAIDSM, skip to the For PREPAID accounts section.

Make sure your password:
  • Isn’t the same as your ID
  • Has 8-24 characters
  • Isn’t all letters or all numbers
  • Includes a mix of letters and numbers
  • Doesn’t use your first or last name
  • Isn’t your account number or email address

Your password can have:
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • + (plus)
  • = (equal)
  • # (hashtag)
  • ? (question mark)
  • * (asterisk)
  • $ (dollar sign)
  • ! (exclamation point)
  • _ (underscore)
  • - (hyphen)

For PREPAID accounts

Make sure your password:
  • Is different from your ID
  • Has between 6 and 24 characters
  • Isn’t all letters or all numbers
  • Includes a mix of letters and numbers and may include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, _ (underscore), and - (hyphen)

Remember: Passwords are case-sensitive. When you sign in, make sure Caps Lock is off and enter uppercase and lowercase letters carefully.

Helpful tips

We do everything we can to prevent hackers from accessing your account. Create a strong password to protect yourself even more. That means you want to:

  • Create a longer password to make it harder to hack.
  • Steer clear of common words that could be easy to guess.
  • Stay away from obvious series like 123456, abcdef, or qwerty.
  • Not use secure info or personal details that are easy to find on the internet (for example, your name, Social Security number, date of birth, or pet’s name).
  • Avoid reusing passwords.

Good to know: If you have AT&T PREPAIDSM, these tips apply only to your online password. Your 4-digit PIN is a separate code you use when you call us. Want to change your AT&T PREPAID password or PIN? Learn how

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