Install AT&T AntiVirus Plus

Download and install AT&T AntiVirus Plus powered by McAfee to protect your computer from malware, trojans, and hackers.

What to know about AT&T AntiVirus Plus

AT&T AntiVirus Plus powered by McAfee is an antivirus program for your computer. It helps protect it from malware, trojans, and hackers. It also has computer health checks, spyware blocking and removal, and more.

You can install AT&T AntiVirus Plus on up to four computers, either Windows®, Mac®, or both. If you’re using a Windows computer, we suggest doing a pre-installation cleanup.

If you have:
  • AT&T Internet or DSL with a connection speed of 3Mbps or higher, you can download AT&T AntiVirus Plus free of charge.
  • DSL with a connection speed of 1.5Mbps or lower, you can sign up for a discounted subscription of $5 per month.

FYI: The download process will let you know if you have AT&T Internet or DSL and prompt you with the appropriate options for your service type.

Learn more about the features, costs, and requirements of AT&T AntiVirus Plus.

Install AT&T AntiVirus Plus

Good to know: You should uninstall existing security software on your computer before downloading AT&T AntiVirus Plus. This includes current or expired security products. If you don't, you may get subscription expired errors.

Here’s how to get it:
  1. Go to AT&T AntiVirus Plus and select Download Now.
  2. Enter your AT&T user ID and password.
  3. Choose your option. If you have internet speeds of:
    • 3Mbps or higher, go to Step 4.
    • 1.5Mbps or lower, select Buy Subscription. You can purchase a subscription for $5 per month.
  4. Follow the prompts to download and install AntiVirus Plus.
Last updated: March 3, 2023

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