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Modem status lights - Motorola 2210 (black)

Learn what your modem status lights mean and how to use them to troubleshoot problems with your modem or gateway.

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Modem / gateway


2210 (Black)



Learn about your modem status lights

The following chart explains what each status light means.

Status LightStateDescription
PowerOffPower is off or modem is not getting power.
Solid GreenPower is on.
Flashing RedPower on/self-test in progress.
Solid RedPower on/self-test failed or modem has malfunctioned.
EthernetOffNo Ethernet connectivity or modem is off.
Solid GreenA device is connected by Ethernet to the modem.
Flashing GreenTraffic between connected device and modem.
Flashing Green Simultaneously with DSL Status LightHardware failure detected. Contact Technical Support.
DSLOffDSL signal not detected or modem is off.
Solid GreenModem is connected to DSL.
Flashing GreenModem is attempting to sync with DSL.
Flashing RedNo DSL signal detected.
Flashing Red/GreenModem failed to sync three times.
Flashing Red Simultaneously with Ethernet Status LightHardware failure detected. Contact Technical Support.
Solid RedHardware failure detected. Contact Technical Support.
InternetOffModem is not connected to the Internet or modem is off.
Solid GreenModem is connected to the Internet.
Flashing GreenModem is attempting to connect to the Internet.
Solid RedModem cannot connect to the Internet.

No inbound Internet traffic or modem is off.
Flashing GreenInbound Internet traffic.

Check your Ethernet connection
If your Ethernet light doesn't light up, try the following:
  1. Verify you're using the provided yellow Ethernet cable and check the connections to the computer's Network Interface Card (NIC)/Ethernet port and the Ethernet port on the back of the Motorola modem.
  2. If another Ethernet (RJ-45) cable is available, swap out cables to make sure yours isn't defective. Make sure the cable isn't a crossover type cable. If the cable is defective, contact Technical Support for a new RJ-45 patch cable.
  3. Go to Device Manager to make sure the NIC is enabled. If already enabled, disable the NIC and re-enable.
Note: If you are using an Ethernet (RJ-45) cable not provided by AT&T, make sure it is a straight-through cable and not a crossover cable. A crossover cable will give a green Ethernet light, but prevents surf.
Last updated: March 3, 2021

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