Contact us after you file for bankruptcy

Recently filed for bankruptcy? Find out how to notify AT&T and other important info.

How to let us know

Notify AT&T
If you file for bankruptcy, we’re usually notified if we’re listed as a creditor in the filing. Make sure to send us your case info so we can review it in a timely manner. Be sure your notice includes:
  • Bankruptcy court where the case was filed
  • Petition date
  • Case number
  • Chapter 7, 11, or 13
  • Tax identification number(s) associated with your accounts

Mail us your case info
You can mail the requested info to:
c/o Bankruptcy
4331 Communications Dr
Flr 4W
Dallas TX 75211

Fax it
Want us to get it sooner? You can also fax your documents to us at 866.486.8223.

Important notice
Keep in mind that all legal pleadings and notices, must be served on CT Corporation as our agent or as provided for in our notice of appearance if one is filed. Sending legal pleadings and notices to the address where you submit payment doesn't properly serve the documents on AT&T.

We follow all applicable laws and won’t attempt to collect any charges associated with services provided before your bankruptcy petition date. But, there may be instances where automatically generated invoices may include certain charges from before the petition date. If that’s the case, you’re only responsible for charges incurred after the petition date as provided for by law.

Questions or concerns related to past-due notices or suspension of service? Contact our bankruptcy team at 888.827.3238. If your service is suspended and it's after hours, please use the repair or customer support number on your bill to contact us.
Last updated: June 15, 2023

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