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As of January 14, 2019, you don’t get a credit for unused days if you cancel before the end of your bill period.

Here’s what changed

Have DIRECTV®, U-verse® TV, AT&T Phone, AT&T Internet, or a Fixed Wireless Internet service? Then you’re billed a month in advance. Before, if you canceled any of these services, you’d lose access to the service right away and we’d give you a credit for the rest of the days in your bill period.

With the new Terms of Service1 that took effect January 14, 2019, we won’t credit your account if you cancel these services before the last day of your bill period. Instead, you can use your services until your bill period ends. This way, you still get the full month of active service you were billed for.

This is just an FYI. You don’t have to do a thing. You’ll keep paying the same amount each month and your other terms of your service remain the same.

Want to know when your bill period ends? Look for the start and end dates on your bill in either the Monthly Charges or the Account Activity section.

View the Terms of Service updates

Want all the details? Here are the updated Terms of Service (in English or Spanish) that started January 14, 2019.1

Don’t see your service? Look for it on the left side of the Terms of Service page (Ver en Espanol).

Questions about this update or other billing concerns?
Contact us about your personal accounts or your small business accounts.

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Last updated: December 7, 2022

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