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Set up your internet service

Don’t want to wait for a technician? You can save time and money by setting up your internet yourself.




Steps to set up your internet

By setting up your own internet, you’ll:
  • Save $50 or more by not paying for professional installation.
  • Get your Wi-Fi® gateway in only three business days.
  • Skip waiting for a technician.
  • Connect in just 30 minutes.

What to know

Get your internet set up in just a few steps.
  • Our instructions will show you how to set up your internet.
  • Don’t fret about tools or technical skills. None are required.
  • Unpack your easy-to-use kit and connect your new gateway with included cables.
  • Once it powers up, connect your devices to your network.

Heads up: We won’t send a technician to install your internet. We’ll just ship your gateway before activation, so you can set it up yourself. You’ll be responsible for any indoor wiring. If your phone jacks don’t have dial tones, you may have to connect phones to your wireless gateway instead of a phone jack.

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