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Set content controls with Smart Home Manager

Find out how to manage access to your internet.


Control your internet access

Smart Home Manager comes with content controls on select Wi-Fi® gateways. These include models BGW320, BGW210, NVG599, and Pace 5268AC. You can use content controls to:
  • Create profiles: Assign devices to users on your Wi-Fi network.
  • Pause internet access: Turn off internet access by profile or device.
  • Set time limits: Schedule internet use restrictions by a specific profile.
  • Use content filters: If you have Internet Security Advanced with Active ArmorSM, you can use web and content filters to limit unwanted content for a specific profile, including kids and teens. You can also filter by categories such as entertainment and leisure or weapons and crime. (Internet Security Advanced is only available on a limited basis.)

Create profiles

It’s a snap to assign devices to a profile:
  1. Go to Smart Home Manager.
  2. Select Network, then Connected Devices.
  3. In Profiles:
    • Choose the + sign to create a new profile, then enter a name
    • Select the profile where you want to add devices
  4. Choose devices from the available list.
  5. Select Save.
If you don’t see a device you want to add, it may already be assigned to another profile. Want to delete a profile? Select Delete.

Keep in mind: AT&T service equipment can’t be assigned to a profile. This includes equipment for:
  • Internet: Wi-Fi gateways or extenders
  • TV: Receivers, streaming players, routers, or extenders
  • Digital life security: Controllers, in-home tablets, or powerline adapters

Apply profile filters and limits

Pause internet access for a profile

You can use this process to limit internet access:
  1. From Profiles, choose a profile to edit.
  2. Select Pause Internet. When you’re ready to grant access again, choose Resume.
Good to know: When you pause internet access, devices for that profile can’t use your internet. However, smart devices connected to mobile networks outside of your network can still get online.

Set time limits

You can use this process to set time limits:
  1. From Profiles, choose a profile to edit.
  2. Turn Downtime Schedule on.
  3. Select the calendar to set specific days for downtime.
  4. Choose the clock to assign times
  5. Select Save.

Use Content Filters

Already have Advance Internet Security with Active ArmorSM? You can filter content for a specific profile.
  1. From Profiles, scroll to Advanced Content Controls.
  2. Choose Content filters or Web filters.
  3. Follow the prompts to control web content for this profile (only available on a limited basis).


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