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Explore interactive browsing features on U-verse TV

Learn about browsing options for upcoming programs, Recently Watched, Favorites, and more.


Find out what’s available to you

Access great features from the Menu

The U-verse TV Menu is located on the left of your screen and displays over live TV. Press MENU on your U-verse TV remote control to view topics such as Guide, Recordings, On Demand, Interactive, and much more.
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Channels and programming

Browse upcoming programs
While watching a live channel, press the down arrow on your remote control and scroll to the right to browse upcoming programs on that channel.

View Favorite channels
  • For quick access to your Favorite channels, press the up arrow on your remote control while watching live TV. Your Favorite channels will be displayed at the top panel of your screen. Scroll the list to see a preview of what is currently showing on your Favorite channels. When a program grabs your interest, press OK to jump to that channel. 
  • You can still see a list view of your Favorite channels by pressing MENU on your remote control. Scroll to Favorites and press OK. All of your Favorite channels are listed in the Guide.

Edit Favorite channels
To edit your Favorite channels list:
  1. Select the EDIT/ADD button next to the Favorite channels panel and press OK
  2. Select Edit Favorite channels and press OK
  3. Scroll through the channel list and add or remove a checkmark to edit your Favorite channels list. 
  4. Be sure to press Save and press OK.

View Recently Watched channels
To take a peek at the last channels you viewed, press the LAST button on your remote. Up to the last five channels will display on the top panel. Scroll through these previews and select OK to jump back to that channel.Recently Watched tiles

To disable the Recently Watched function:
  1. Select the OPTION shortcut button at the top left of the screen and press OK
  2. You can then select to Disable the Recently Watched feature.
  3. You can also clear the last channels from your history by selecting the Clear Channels button. 
  4. Select Save and press OK.

To enable this feature again:
  1. Press MENU on your remote control. 
  2. Navigate to Options > System > Recently Watched
  3. Select Enable the Recently Watched function. 
  4. Select Save and press OK.
  5. Press Exit to TV on your remote to return to live TV.
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Learn more about U-verse TV

To access various support videos:
  1. Press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Scroll down and select Help.
  3. Select Information > Help Center > Help Videos.
  4. Then choose a topic.
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