Send email with AT&T mail

Learn the basics of writing and sending emails.

Write and send emails

From your webmail inbox:
  1. Select Compose.
  2. Enter the email address of the person you want to email in the To field.
    • To view contacts, select To.
    • To CC or BCC additional recipients, select CC/BCC on the right side of the To field.
  3. Enter text into the Subject line and body of the message.
  4. Select Send when you're ready. You'll get a confirmation your email has been sent, and a copy will automatically save in your Sent folder.

Reply to emails you've received

Here are a few quick tips for replying to emails:
  • To open an email, select it from your email list.
  • Once you open an email, use the arrows in the top-left corner of the email window to either reply to it or forward it.
  • Adding a new recipient to an email that had an attachment? You'll be asked if you want to include the attachment(s) in your reply.

Format email

You can use the toolbar icons below your email to:

  • Attach files or GIFs
  • Apply Paperless Post stationery
  • Add emojis or hyperlinks
  • Format text and paragraphs

email toolbar

Want to underline a word or section of text? Highlight the selection. Then press Ctrl and U at the same time. To remove the underline, select the underlined section, and press Ctrl and U again.

Use stationery in your emails

We've teamed up with Paperless Post to give your emails some visual flair. Here's how to make your emails stand out from the crowd:

  1. Select Compose, then Stationery .
  2. Choose a Stationery category: Featured, Everyday, Birthday, or Holiday.
  3. Use the left and right arrows to browse the available templates.
  4. Select a template to use it in the email you're composing. Close the template previews.
  5. Finish writing your email.
  6. Select Send.

Don’t want stationery after all? It's easy to remove without deleting what you wrote. Just open the stationery box and select Clear Stationery.

Show link previews

Want to show your recipient what you’re sending them? Use the link preview feature.

From your webmail inbox:

  1. Select the gear and then More Settings.
  2. Choose Writing email.
  3. Turn Automatically generate a preview of links on.
  4. Select Save.

When you copy and paste a link into a message you're composing, the link changes to the page title with a link preview card. Select More options (three dots) in the top-right corner of the link box to:

  • Change the preview size
  • Move the link preview location
  • Remove the link preview

Delete email

Use any of these options to delete messages:
  • Check the box next to the message and select Delete.
  • Check the box next to the message, then drag and drop it in the Trash folder.
  • To select all messages, check the box at the top and select Delete.
Last updated: April 17, 2024

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