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File a mobile device protection claim

Learn how to file and track a claim to replace your lost, stolen, or damaged wireless device.


Before you file a claim

You should confirm that your device is covered by one of our protection plans.1
  1. Go to Device protection and warranty.
  2. Sign in and select your device. If you see Status: Insured, your wireless line’s currently enrolled in a protection plan. Select Insured to see your plan details.
Think your phone or device is lost?
  • Try to find it with GPS or location apps you may have installed before it went missing.
  • If you can't find it, learn how to suspend service and block your device. Once you suspend service, you won’t be able to track your device.

File and track a device protection claim

Ways to file

When you file

Make sure you file your claim within 60 days of loss or damage. Have this info handy:
  • Device brand and model
  • Wireless security passcode or the last four digits of the AT&T account owner’s Social Security or Tax ID number

After you file

Watch for an email with a link to check your claim status. Plus, you can check when your replacement device will ship. You can also access this info by going to

Get more claim-filing details

General info

  • You won’t have to go a day without your phone. We offer same-day replacement with our AT&T Protect Advantage plan. Otherwise, in most cases, you’ll get your replacement device in 1-2 business days.2
  • Some devices qualify for cracked screen repair (available in select areas for certain devices).3 If you're eligible, you'll have the option to select screen repair during the claims process. Then, you can choose to visit a repair location or have a tech come to you. Go to or call us at 888.562.8662 to start a claim.
  • A non-refundable deductible applies to each claim. Check your deductible
  • The maximum value per claim is $2,500.

Protection plan info

Get more details about your options

See all important details

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