Transfer contacts and content between devices

Back up and transfer your contacts, texts, emails, photos, and more from one device to another.

Data transfer options

Before you start to transfer your info, make sure:

  • You have a Wi-Fi® connection.
  • Your device is charged.


First, confirm you have the latest iOS® software version on both of your devices. To make sure:

  1. Go to Settings, then tap General.
  2. Tap Software Update.
  3. Download the latest version if you see Download and Install.

Have an iPhone 15? Make sure you update to iOS 17.0.2 before transferring content from your old device.
Then, use Apple QuickStart.


You have some choices when transferring data to a new Android device. If you have:

AT&T Personal Cloud

Transfer your contacts, photos, and videos from your iPhone or Android phone.

  1. Sign up and get backup details.
  2. Download and transfer backup info.
  3. Get more info about AT&T Personal Cloud

FYI: If you have AT&T Prepaid®, AT&T Personal Cloud only works with select plans. Sign in to check plan details. 

Other backup and transfer options

From a basic or feature phone

Learn how to import and export contacts from a basic phone

From a broken device

If your device isn’t usable, remove the SIM card and insert it into a compatible working device or an SD card reader. Then, transfer the info from the SIM card to a computer.

From a lost or stolen device

If your device is lost or stolen, learn about the different ways to find it. If you can't find your device but already backed up your data, check out our interactive Device Support Back up & restore tutorial.
Last updated: September 22, 2023

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