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Protect your device with the Lookout app

Learn how the Lookout app protects your iOS and Android device against viruses, malware, and spyware.


Get the Lookout app

  1. If the Lookout app isn’t installed on your smartphone or tablet, visit Apple® App Store or Google PlaySM.
  2. Search for Lookout Security & Antivirus.
  3. Install the Lookout app.1
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Free Lookout features

Lookout Personal provides:
  • Mobile security – Automatically checks the apps on your device and the links you click on to ensure they're safe.
  • Data backup – Automatically saves your contacts daily to the Lookout cloud so they can easily be restored if needed.
  • Missing device location – Reports the location of your device on the Lookout website. When your device's battery runs low, Lookout automatically saves its current location to help you find your device should the battery die. You can also make your device sound an alarm to help you locate it - even if you turned the ringer volume off.
  • Lock cam – Sends you an email with the picture and location of anyone who incorrectly enters the passcode on your device three times (Android only).

Lookout help

Visit Lookout Support, or email for additional support.

Premium Lookout features
Charged monthly or annually to your Google Play or iTunes account, Lookout Premium allows you to:
  • Use up to three devices on your account.
  • Enable additional backups of your photos and call history.
  • Lock your device and wipe your personal data remotely.
  • Receive theft alerts and break-in photos.
  • Enjoy other enhanced features.

The subscription for Lookout Premium is charged differently depending on your device:
  • Android app to your Google Play account.
  • iOS app to your iTunes account

Canceling Lookout Premium
If you’d like to cancel your Lookout Premium subscription, you can do so on the Lookout app.

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