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Use AT&T 411 directory assistance

Get phone numbers and addresses of business, government, and residential listings within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


Using AT&T 411 directory assistance


Using directory assistance
Dial 411 from your wireless device or connected home phone to get:
  • Phone numbers in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Listings delivered via text message
  • Up to two requests per call

Connect to the phone number you've received at no additional charge.

If you need directory assistance for 800 or 866 toll free numbers, call 800.555.1212.

Information can be delivered by text message every time you call directory assistance. To remove this, call 866.225.6495 and follow the prompts.

Calls from your mobile device will be automated on or after April 19, 2016. Charges will be assessed only when you are provided listing information.

Within U.S - $1.99 per call, plus airtime.

Within Puerto Rico - $1.50 per call, plus airtime.

For AT&T PREPAIDSM (formerly GoPhone®) customers, charges are deducted from your account balance immediately following the call.

We’re unable to credit these charges if you receive incorrect information.

Additional information

Why is AT&T turning toward a fully automated environment?
Advancements in speech technology allow us to provide fully automated products.

Does this change apply to all wireless customers?
It applies to all AT&T mobility customers in the United States.

Will wireless customers still have the opportunity to speak to a live Operator?
No, the system is fully automated.

Will I be charged if the automated platform is not able to provide me with a listing?

Am I charged if I get a report of a non-published number?
Yes, you’ll be charged for non-published reports.

Will I have to hang up and place a separate call to Directory Assistance for multiple listings or can I obtain them by placing one call to Directory Assistance?
You can obtain three listings per call, but you’ll need to hang up and place another call to directory assistance for additional listings.

Can I still call in with a phone number and have the automated system provide me with the name and / or address associated with that number?
Yes, the automated system can provide reverse directory assistance.

Can I still call Directory Assistance and ask for a number in a particular category (e.g., florist, pizza shop, etc.) when I don’t have a specific business that I am searching for?
Yes. You’ll be given multiple listings from which to choose.

Will I be charged if I’m offered a category listing that I don’t like?
Yes, a charge may apply if you choose one of the category listing options.

What if I have a difficult time understanding the automated system?
If there’s a problem understanding the system, make note of the date and time of the call to directory assistance and, once your bill is received call Customer Service to discuss the charge with the customer service representative.

If I have a Directory Assistance Exemption Form on file with AT&T, will it still be good after the automated system goes into effect?
Yes. If you’ve applied for and received Company certification as being unable to use a telephone directory due to a visual or physical disability, you’ll still receive exemptions for calls handled via the automated system.

Will Directory Assistance Call Completion still be available?
Yes. Directory Assistance Call Completion is an option.

Will Directory Assistance be available in Spanish?
No, the automated platform is only available in English.
Last updated: October 5, 2017

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