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Use AT&T 411 Directory Assistance

Get phone numbers and addresses of business, government, and residential listings within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Heads up: Starting November 1, 2021, AT&T 411 Directory Assistance won’t be available on your wireless device. You’ll still be able to use your home phone to get 411 Directory Assistance.

Using directory assistance

Dial 411 from your wireless device or connected home phone to get:
  • Phone numbers in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Listings delivered via text message every time you call directory assistance—to remove this, call 866.225.6495 and follow the prompts
  • Up to two requests per call
Connection to the phone number you've received at no additional charge

Heads up: If you need Directory Assistance for 800 or 866 toll free numbers, call 800.555.1212.


Charges are assessed only when Directory Assistance gives you listing information.
  • Within the U.S. - $1.99 per call, plus airtime.
  • Within Puerto Rico - $1.50 per call, plus airtime.
  • For AT&T PREPAIDSM, charges are deducted from your account balance immediately following the call.
Good to know: We can't credit these charges if you receive incorrect listing info.

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