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View retired wireless international roaming packages

View a list of AT&T international roaming packages that are no longer offered. Learn about keeping a retired package that’s already on your AT&T wireless account.


Retired international roaming packages


AT&T international packages no longer offered
Effective October 10, 2014, the following AT&T international packages are no longer offered:
  • Europe Travel Minutes
  • Rest of World Travel Minutes
  • Global Messaging packages
  • Data Global Add-On packages
If one of these retired packages is already on your account, you can keep it until:
  • You change or remove the package
  • We notify you that the package is no longer available
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Additional information

View international options and eligibility
Tell us about your trip. We'll make a recommendation or let you know if you’re already covered, and walk you through:
  • Selecting which devices on your account you will use while traveling
  • What your rate plan already includes
  • Which international features will enhance your travel needs
  • How to enroll and/or sign up

: International roaming rates apply for any voice, messaging or data usage incurred outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.
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