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Learn about AT&T Messages

Send and receive text and picture messages with your tablet. AT&T Messages keeps the conversation going even if you switch devices.


Start using AT&T Messages

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What to know

How it works
AT&T Messages uses your AT&T wireless number, so message recipients always know the message is from you. With AT&T Messages, you can:
  • Send and receive text, picture, and video messages from your tablet.
  • Continue the conversation when you switch devices.
  • Back up your text and picture messages in the cloud.

To use AT&T Messages, you'll have to have a wireless account with text messaging.

Heads up: AT&T PREPAIDSM, other prepaid services, and iPad® 1 aren't compatible. We suggest with unlimited messaging for AT&T Messages.
AT&T Messages on iPad
iMessage® prevents AT&T Messages from delivering your text messages. When you use AT&T Messages, you'll have to turn off iMessage on all your iOS® devices:
  • From your iPad home screen, select Settings, then Messages, and turn iMessage off.
  • After you sign out of AT&T Messages, turn iMessage back on.

Other messaging features

AT&T Messages doesn't support messages sent using third-party IP-based messaging services.

AT&T Messages on Android tablets
Supported Android® tablets can also use AT&T Messages Backup & Sync. This feature is integrated into select smartphone messaging apps (no download required).