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Call or text in Canada and Mexico with AT&T PREPAID

Find out how to use your AT&T PREPAID phone to call, text, or use data in Canada and Mexico.


How to talk, text, or use data

What to know

  • International off-net (roaming) data use in Canada or Mexico may be reduced to 2G speeds.
  • Have our $75, $65, or $40 monthly plan? There’s no extra charge to talk or text in Canada and Mexico. For all other plans, we charge pay-per-use rates; see the Roaming tab for specific fees.
  • Get unlimited picture and video messaging1 with our $75 and $65 monthly plans. The $50, $45, and $35 plans include data usage.2 Data use isn’t included with other PREPAID plans.

Heads up: Talk and text on your AT&T PREPAID phone isn’t available if you’re traveling to other countries besides Canada or Mexico.

Make calls, send texts, and use data

To the U.S. from Canada or Mexico
Tap +1, then the area code and local number.

Within Canada or Mexico
Tap +1 for Canada or +52 for Mexico and then the local number.

Good to know
  • If you’re calling a landline in Mexico, don’t include the 1.
  • If you need help when you’re in Canada or Mexico, call 611 from your AT&T PREPAID or +1.408.962.1025 from any phone.

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