Call or text in Canada and Mexico with AT&T Prepaid

Use your AT&T Prepaid phone to call, text, or use data in Canada and Mexico.

How to talk, text, or use data

AT&T Prepaid® monthly plans $40 and higher and multi-month plans include talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada.

For all other Prepaid plans, charges in Mexico and Canada are pay per use:

  • Calls in Mexico are $0.25 per minute
  • Calls in Canada are $0.39 per minute
  • Messaging in Mexico or Canada is $0.25 per text and $1.30 per picture or video message

When using your plan data in Mexico or Canada, speeds may be reduced to 2G. The amount of data you have in Mexico and Canada depends on your plan. You can’t use mobile hotspot data in Mexico or Canada.

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Make calls, send texts, and use data

To the U.S. from Canada or Mexico
Tap +1, then the area code and local number.

Within Canada or Mexico
Tap +1 for Canada or +52 for Mexico and then the local number.

Good to know

  • If you’re calling a landline in Mexico, don’t include the 1.
  • If you need help when you’re in Canada or Mexico, call 611 from your AT&T Prepaid device or +1.408.962.1025 from any phone.

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Last updated: November 8, 2023

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