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Get usage details on a paper bill

Learn how to get detailed billing added to your paper bill for a monthly fee. This allows you to view wireless usage details on your bill.


Get usage details added to your paper bill

Main steps

Add usage details
To add detailed billing to your wireless account for a monthly fee:
  • Chat with us using the Chat button when available.
  • Call 611 from an AT&T wireless phone.
  • Call 800.331.0500.
  • Visit an AT&T store.

Additional information

Important details
  • Actual message and data content isn’t available.
  • The volume of your smartphone usage varies, and may result in a longer-than-expected bill, when usage is high.

Detailed billing
By adding detailed billing to your account, you see:
  • Voice usage and call details, includes phone numbers dialed and received, call length, and call time.
  • Messaging usage details, includes the phone numbers and time of messages sent and received for text, picture, and video messages.
  • Data usage details, includes download size and data usage time.

Check usage online
Learn how to view wireless usage for a previous billing period, including details on data usage, voice calls, and messaging records for all your devices.

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