Create an AT&T Prepaid hotspot

Easily share your AT&T Prepaid high-speed internet connection with other devices.

Hotspot requirements for AT&T Prepaid

Mobile hotspots with your smartphone
To create a personal mobile hotspot with your AT&T Prepaid® smartphone, you'll need:
Mobile hotspots with a tablet or hotspot device
  • An AT&T Prepaid data-only plan. Renew your service as often as you like for up to 1 year after your plan ends (plans expire in 30 days). Plans not eligible for AutoPay discount.
    • Add more data in 5GB increments.
    • Unused data doesn’t roll over. However, if you add money to your account before your current balance expires, your data balance carries over to the new expiration date.
  • An AT&T Prepaid mobile hotspot device or tablet. Tablets must be compatible with our network and use one of our SIM cards.
  • To be within the AT&T coverage area.
FYI: Data-only plans include Video management. Video typically streams at standard definition. Content bundled with video may be slow to load. Learn more at


Last updated: May 11, 2023

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