Set up and use Google Pay

Have an Android device? Use the Google Pay mobile payment app to make payments using your smartphone – whether you're shopping at a store, online, or in an app.

Google Pay is a fast, simple way to pay

Update from Android Pay to Google Pay

Already using Android Pay? Setup is easy. A push notification and an in-app teaching tile step you through how to update to Google PayTM1. Once you complete the setup, you can continue paying in stores, online, and within apps. You can even pay friends with Google Pay.

Don't have Android Pay yet? Go ahead and download Google Pay from the Google Play Store.

Use Google Pay

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your AT&T Android smartphone, you can use Google Pay anywhere you see these symbols:

Google Pay Reader icon

To pay with Google Pay using your smartphone:

  1. Unlock your smartphone. No need to open the app.
  2. Hold the back of the device against the payment terminal.
  3. The smartphone beeps or vibrates and a checkmark displays on screen to show a successful payment.

In apps
Use Google Pay whenever you see the Google Pay or Buy with Google Pay button at checkout.

Use Google Pay at online checkouts anywhere you see the Google Pay acceptance mark.

Learn more about Google Pay

Want more details about this simple and secure way to pay with your smartphone? Go to Google Pay.

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Last updated: April 17, 2024

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