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Unlimited data plans for non-smartphones

Learn about the Data Unlimited feature offered for non-smartphones users.


The Data Unlimited feature is only available for non-smartphones

Before you begin

Customers who had an Individual or Family Talk Nation plan
If you had an Individual or Family Talk Nation plan prior to 10/25/15 you can add Data Unlimited for non-smartphones. For an overview and to change plans visit Changing or removing AT&T wireless features.

To add Data Unlimited for non-smartphones, visit myAT&T.

Learn more about Unlimited &MoreSM and Unlimited &MoreSM Premium plans.


Messaging & Data Unlimited for Non-Smartphones
For one low price Messaging & Data Unlimited for non-smartphones1 offers the following:
  • Unlimited messaging and data 
  • Unlimited text, picture, and video messages
  • Unlimited access to the Web, email, and more
Data Unlimited for Non-Smartphones without Messaging Unlimited
If you don't need messaging unlimited, with the Data Unlimited feature for non-smartphones you'll enjoy the following:
  • Unlimited access to the Web 
  • Email, and more
  • For a low monthly price per non-smartphone 

Data Unlimited for Non-Smartphones with existing Messaging Unlimited
Add Data Unlimited for Non-Smartphones (Messaging Unlimited required) to enjoy:
  • Unlimited access to the Web
  • Email, and more
  • For a low monthly price per non-smartphone

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