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Passcodes for wireless accounts

Your wireless account is protected with a passcode. This passcode is different from your sign-in password, and isn’t related to your device or voicemail.

Quick answer

What is a wireless account passcode?

When do I use a wireless account passcode?

How can I add extra security to my account?


Be careful when you share your passcode

Only share your wireless passcode with people you trust to manage your wireless account
Find out how to reset a forgotten passcode.

Learn about combined account passcodes
Did you combine your wireless service with your AT&T Internet, U-verse® TV, or DIRECTV® service? Then your account has a different kind of passcode you won’t use online. Learn about the combined account passcode.

Heads up: You can only add extra security to wireless accounts that aren’t bundled with AT&T Internet, U-verse TV, or DIRECTV.

Wireless account passcode vs. sign-in password

Here’s how your wireless passcode is different from your myAT&T password.

Wireless account passcode

  • A 4-to 8-digit number that's not sequential, like 1234 or 4321.
  • Your passcode may contain letters

Good to know: This isn’t your device passcode. Learn more about unlocking your phone, device, or SIM.

password
  • You use your password to sign in to myAT&T. Get sign in help
  • It can include letters, numbers, and symbols. Forgot your password? Reset your password now
  • It might be the same as your AT&T Mail password. Learn about shared passwords.

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