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View Rollover Minutes

Learn how to view available and expiring Rollover Minutes if you’re on a legacy AT&T FamilyTalk or Nation plan that includes Rollover Minutes.


View your Rollover Minutes now

After signing in, select View Details under the Shared usage bar.View

How to view your Rollover Minutes

Main steps

Quick check by dialing
Easily view your Rollover Minutes by calling *646# (*MIN#), or for Spanish, *876# (*USO#) from your AT&T wireless phone. A breakdown of your remaining minutes is delivered via text message to your phone.1

View your available Rollover Minutes2 online
  1. Go to Usage.
  2. Under the Shared Usage bar > select View Details.

Additional information

Important information about Rollover Minutes
Learn about Rollover Minutes accumulation, use, and restrictions.

See all important details

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